Thursday, May 31, 2007

From the archives- La Center update

I originally had a blog on FunTrivia, where I am an editor and site administrator. FunTrivia will soon be discontinuing its blogs, and these are some that I wanted to keep for posterity.

La Center update- originally published Mar. 9, 2006

If you read my entry below, you know that I spent some time in January planting trees at our property in La Center, WA. Over the President's Day weekend, I got to visit my trees and see how they were doing.

I am glad to report that all had survived, although the Western hemlocks that didn't fit into the tree shelters had been pruned rather closely by the deer, and some of the trees had some frost damage (February had the coldest weather that the region had experienced in something like 70 years.)

You may have noted in the last entry on La Center that I stated "And nine trees were displaced when our new next-door neighbors decided that those trees might block their miniscule Portland view (view? All we see are clouds…)" Well, the weather was lovely this trip...hardly a cloud in sight. So here, for your edification and enjoyment, is an enlarged photo of that vaunted Portland view...

Ummm... that's it, between the trees. And remember, it's enlarged!

On the other hand, here is our view to the southeast:

Nicer, eh?
But back to the trees- here is some salal, an evergreen shrub related to wintergreen:

And a bigleaf maple:

And not far from our house, the Cedar Creek Grist Mill, still grindng grain the old-fashioned way...

I hope I can get back in the spring, when the deciduous trees have leafed out and I can really se the results of my labor!

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